Granby Nature Preschool
Sample October Format


  • 3’s – 1 hour/day spread out over 2-3 sessions
  • 4’s, 5’s – increase to 1 ½ hours/day spread out
  • Homeschool schedule should be structured, but fluid, to meet needs, including weather, of a specific day.
  • Days should always begin with a Breakfast Greeting*
  • Days should always include reading aloud to children.
  • Sign up sheets for excursions will be sent out a week or 2 in advance. We welcome only 3 families at a time.
  • For all excursions, please adhere to safe Covid practices by wearing masks and maintaining safe distances.
  • Always check for ticks after outdoor sessions.
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Breakfast Greeting Set Up Continue developing a calendar Home Base Rote learning of Days of the week


Excursion 1




My Family

Our Family Chores

Songs and Movement

Alphabet Song

Forest Excursion 2 Trees



Autumn Leaves Investigations

My Friends and


Continue Friends and Neighbors Book Pretend Play


Excursion 3 Squirrels

Acorn Explorations
4 My Home Preposition Games

Trip to a Farm to see




Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

*Breakfast Greeting – Based on the Responsive Classroom model of Morning Meeting our breakfast invitation to greet one another and the day emphasizes the importance of starting the day together and acknowledging one another by name. Additionally we establish routines and give structure to the day by discussing the date, the weather, the schedule. of the day, and any significant news. We suggest that this happen around the breakfast table when the family is together to begin your day.  We recommend that this be informal, but structured and consistent so that it becomes routine and builds on important concepts of numbers and counting, days of the week, months, seasons, the weather, and planning.

This will happen slowly and consistently over time. We will introduce visual prop ideas for a calendar, days of the week, 100’s board, weather, etc. over time.