Granby Nature Preschool is gratefully accepting donations to help cover the expenses involved in maintaining the program, as well as both specific items and financial help to provide materials children will need in order to fully participate in the program. These include:

child-sized rain and snow boots

child-sized rain coats and hats/hoods

child-sized winter jackets, mitten and

child-sized sun hats


wagons for carrying supplies

sit-upons and tarps for rainy day snack time

child-sized tables and chairs

resting mats or cots

water table

sand table

light table

wooden building blocks

signage at Holcomb Farm



Granby Nature Preschool also invites individuals as well as businesses to participate as sponsors with donations.


Outdoor Exploration

Child-sized binoculars

Sit-upons and tarps for outdoor rainy day snacks

Rain Barrel

Child-sized garden gloves

Childrens (extra) outdoor gear including

sturdy raincoats and hats/hoods

sturdy rain boots

sun hats

Natural sun screen

Natural insect repellant

General insect bite soothing gel

Indoor Exploration and Creativity

Wooden trays for displays in our classroom science museum

Potting soil


Indoor Enhancement

Rest mats for full day children

Child Cabinet locks

Caddies for supplies

Floor lamps

Small area rugs to delineate center areas

Cleaning Supplies

Dish washing brushes and towels

Reuseable dish towels

Scrub brushes

Caddies for supplies

Foldable drying rack for dishes

Wet bags for clothes

Laundry detergent

Wooden clothes pins

Health and Safety

Ice packs for kids’ lunches

Medical Gloves

Natural sun screen

Natural insect repellant

General insect bite soothing gel

Water pitcher with filtration system


Administrative Materials

Manila folders

Pocket folders

Sheet protectors

Surge protectors

Laminating pouches

Small hanging chalk board to hang on door to indicate where we are outdoors

White board to share what we did each day

Heavy duty (3M+) hooks for coats, jackets…

Hooks for ceiling (for hanging plants, etc.)

We have many of these listed on our Amazon wish list which can be viewed here.