About Us


Granby Nature Preschool is an online homeschool program, providing structure through sequential learning opportunities for parents to implement with their young children. This hearth, farm and nature preschool is based in Granby, Connecticut, and we welcome families from surrounding towns, from all over New England, and all over the country.

Ours is a place-based program, meaning that we believe children learn essential skills and concepts most appropriately when they are guided to focus first on their immediate environment. Those from other parts of the country will want to adapt this program to include habitats and farm and nature resources near you.

GNP offers multiple learning activities using the rich resources within our community. Granby is an extraordinary town with multiple opportunities for community supported agriculture, access to a game preserve, impressive land trust properties, and nature trails. Like many towns in New England Granby’s values of farm, community and land are a significant part of Granby’s vision. It makes sense to offer young children a solid grounding within a community we all love through experiential, integrated learning in these farm and nature settings.

Our program infuses Developmental Stages of Young Children and refers to the Connecticut State Standards of Learning to create multiple activities, lessons and guidelines. Critical thinking skills and thinking routines are important components. Our continuum of age-appropriate concepts and skills development is “user friendly”, fun and meaningful.

GNP was conceived to respond to the growing national interest in place-based learning, and to guide families who choose to stay home with their children during this COVID-19 pandemic through meaningful family-style learning experiences

Making Learning Visible through Documentation

Families are encouraged to make their children's learning visible by documenting the experiences, emerging vocabulary, questions, activities and reflections of children during and after their lessons. Written and or audio notes, photos, and videos of children in action both detail children's progress for skills and concept development, they serve as taking off points for further practice and/or enrichment, and they provide concrete examples of progress over time.



What Friends and Families Are Saying

“I am so excited and grateful you are setting the program up! This will be very helpful to me in the fall!”

“I can honestly say I am truly excited for the curriculum you're assembling for our little community! You have been so wonderful with my kids and are such a beautiful soul. Your program puts my mind at ease from the stress from educating my kids during these uncertain times. Nature based curriculum is essential to the learning development of young children.”

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to provide this educational opportunity than Judy and Amanda! It’s so inspiring and exciting. Granby is so fortunate to have you in its midst, bringing the joy of all it has to offer.”