Mission Statement

Granby Nature Preschool seeks to provide a child-centered learning program for preschoolers that aligns community, farm and nature-based lessons and activities with authentic research-based educational models and with Connecticut Standards of Learning.

Location: Holcomb Farm (The Main Barn)

We are hiring!

Do you love being outside exploring in nature with young children? Do you enjoy witnessing the wonderment and excitement of young children while assisting them in a guided activity? Granby Nature Preschool is currently seeking a Preschool Teaching Assistant to join our community in the fall. Please visit us on Facebook or LinkedIn to view our complete job description. If interested in applying, please send cover letter and resume to amanda@granbynaturepreschool.com.

We are also looking for subs! If interested in applying, please send cover letter and resume to amanda@granbynaturepreschool.com.

Our Philosophy

We believe in educating the whole child, that real learning comes from the integration of social, emotional, physical, academic and sensory areas of growth. We know that young children learn best in nature, in an experiential environment, and that deeper learning comes when they learn within the context of their towns and neighborhoods. We encourage children to investigate their world through their senses and empower them to take charge of their own learning. Our role as teachers and parents is to guide their learning by providing a structural foundation of basic concepts and skills and supporting learning through inquiry-based prompts and activities. We also believe that we can further support learning by guiding children to apply and transform their learning through music, movement and art.

News & Announcements

Thank you for visiting us! We are so glad you are here! Social media will continue to be your best place to find the most up-to-date info!


Enrollment is officially open for the 2022-2023 school year! Please contact Granby Recreation & Leisure Services to secure your spot for the fall! 

All information about program options and pricing can be found here on our website.


Did you know that we were featured in the Granby Drummer? Click below to read full article!



What Friends and Families Are Saying

“I am so excited and grateful you are setting the program up! This will be very helpful to me in the fall!”

“I can honestly say I am truly excited for the curriculum you're assembling for our little community! You have been so wonderful with my kids and are such a beautiful soul. Your program puts my mind at ease from the stress from educating my kids during these uncertain times. Nature based curriculum is essential to the learning development of young children.”

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to provide this educational opportunity than Judy and Amanda! It’s so inspiring and exciting. Granby is so fortunate to have you in its midst, bringing the joy of all it has to offer.”


113 Simsbury Road Granby, CT 06090

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